Studio Relocation – 29th March 2022

After a lot of hard work by our members we have got our kit out of the, now old, studio. The rack has been installed and is up and running, as some of you have already noticed. However, there is always a however or a but, we have not got internet access from BT sorted out yet so remote live broadcasts are not possible and our access to the hospital network still needs refining. There is no news yet so a 2 min silence instead!!!

What can you do?

You can send your prerecorded programmes in via Dropbox as usual.

You can broadcast live programmes from the West Wing using the portable studio, these need to be pre-booked a day before at the latest.  The desk can also be used to record programmes and put in the Timer\progs folders for broadcasting.

Changes can be made to the programme schedule as normal.

My thanks to all those who have already helped or offered their help, it is good to know we have the support of the members. The hospital has also thanked us, this was sent out on Monday:-

Hi all,

Just wanted to follow up and thank you and your teams for your efforts in helping the Trust vacate from its buildings on the Churchill site and return them to the University as planned today. This could not have completed this without your support and it has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again.


Akin Makinde | Deputy Head of Operational Estates and Facilities”

Neil Stockton